Batter mixes

BRATA knows the secret of the perfect batter mixes. The use of flour and starch in water is the modern standard nowadays. The food industry trusts in our innovations. They are individually developed and suitable for different applications and areas of use. Whether chicken, fish or pork, vegetables or vegetarian …

It’s not just the pinch of salt that makes BRATA batter mixes unmistakable in taste. In the smooth flow, the batter mixes nestle flexibly to the respective product. The icing on the cake is the spice and spice blends which, when refined in flavour, turn a tasty morsel into a delicious one.

A dress can be as beautiful as it is – if it doesn’t fit, the effect fizzles out. It’s the same with batter mixes: if there is no adhesion, the most beautiful crispiness disappears. At BRATA, no compromises are made in this respect; product and breading virtually become one.

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