Blended breadcrumbs and coating systems

Refinement at BRATA in breadcrumb production looks like this: It is only in the mixing process that the individual product is created that customers in the global sales markets rely on. This process ensures the extraordinary breadth of the product range.

In addition to the different breadcrumbs, elements such as cornflakes, sesame seeds, tortilla, coconut, herbs, spices or cheese are used. In the end, they give the product that special touch.

The mix is right! The homemade look is an appetising example. A melange, matched to all levels of the breading system, makes the subtle difference.

In the finishing process, ingredients expand the range of mixes. BRATA reacts to trends in a creative and innovative way. The lovingly produced end product stands out.

Components that go together create a taste experience. The coating system includes a predust that adds a smart touch to the raw product. The refined batter mix ensures good adhesion. The blended breadcrumbs pampers the senses.

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