All breadcrumbs produced are made from freshly baked bread in our own factories on three state-of-the-art lines. They consist exclusively of natural ingredients. Wheat flour, water, salt and yeast, as well as paprika and turmeric for coloured products.

BRATA offers quality for all kinds of applications. This includes breadcrumbs across the board for different areas of application. Ultra crunch products are fluffy and crunchy. Master crumb products are crunchy to the bite and just melt in your mouth.

More than just taste: BRATA breadcrumbs shine in yellow, orange and red or are simply bright. The spices used in the baking process create colour nuances that are pleasing to the eye.

Sand, grain, pebble – the range of granulation in BRATA breadcrumbs is wide. From “very fine” like flour to coarse-grained granulates, there are products in the range.

BRATA breadcrumbs are used in a variety of ways. As a loosener in minced meat products such as meatballs, as a crispy coating for schnitzel, fish fingers and vegetarian products, in the production of breadcrumbs or napkin dumplings or as a carrier for spice mixtures. The breadcrumbs are also suitable as an accompaniment for fresh and aromatic products.

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