Batter mixes


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Competence, trust and safety

... characterise the company philosophy of BRATA. Since the foundation of the company in 1953, we have continuously built up an excellent brand name over decades. Our customers in Germany, Europe and many parts of the world appreciate the high quality of our breadcrumbs and food coatings. The dialogue with our customers from the food industry helps us to constantly develop new breading solutions. Innovation and creativity thus make BRATA a valued partner. We find practice-oriented answers to your ideas and solutions to your challenges.

It's not just the pinch of salt that makes BRATA batter mixes unmistakable in taste. In the smooth flow, the batter mixes nestle flexibly to the respective product. The icing on the cake is the spice and spice blends which, when refined in flavour, turn a tasty morsel into a delicious one.

A dress can be as beautiful as it is - if it doesn't fit, the effect fizzles out. It's the same with batter mixes: if there is no adhesion, the most beautiful crispiness disappears. At BRATA, no compromises are made in this respect; product and breading virtually become one.

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