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Delicious pretzel breading

BRATA battermix NP 4540 and pretzel breading MP 6214

You like schnitzel and like eating pretzels? Why not combined together?

The BRATA pretzel breading helps you to make your schnitzel a delicious speciality. Not only for Oktoberfest …

Meat, fish or poultry – even your product, breaded with the pretzel breading MP 6214, will become a tasty and optical experience. For the optimal adhesion of the breading we recommend the battermix NP 4540.

Simply delicious!

MP 6635 – “Hot & Spicy”

MP 6635 – “With chili for appearance and taste”

The blended breadcrumbs MP 6635 consists of coarse, very crunchy breadcrumbs, paired with the necessary spiciness for your product. By using with a neutral batter mix, the end product becomes piquant with a slight spiciness.
Used as a system with the batter mix NP 6412, the fish fillet or chicken nugget become a “hot & spicy” product with a clear long lasting spiciness.

Whether uncooked or cooked; frozen or used as MAP-product – the system is recommended for poultry, fish or meat.

The blended breadcrumb MP 6635 “Hot & Spicy”

Modern and trendy – sweet potato – blend

The combination of sweet potatoes and crispy breadcrumbs was combined in the new blended breadcrumbs MP 6569.

The optic of the potato pieces is clearly recognizable in the finished product and convinced with meat, fish, poultry and vegetables.

Combined with the battermix NP 6412, which gives the product a rounded taste and a light spicy flavor, the ideal addition for your product.

Sweet potato, popular and delicious!

Crispy Cornflakes

MP 6647 – with new cornflakes especially crispy…

The blended breadcrumbs MP 6647 consists of crispy roasted cornflakes and coarse, light yellow breadcrumbs. The new form of cornflakes guarantees a special crispness on your product.

The fish fillet, chicken nugget or schnitzel become with the neutral batter mix NP 4540 to a “special crispy taste”.

Whether pan or fryer, oven or convection oven – The blended breadcrumbs MP 6647 are suitable for every type of preparation.

Sesampanade BRATA MP 2401

Ein beliebter Klassiker mit spezieller Optik

Die Mischpanade MP 2401, bestehend aus mittelgroben, roten Knusperpaniermehl und Sesamsaat ist durch ihre Zutaten ein doppeltes Erlebnis. Zum Einen der leicht nussige Geschmack des gebackenen Sesams, der dem Endprodukt ein tolles Aroma verleiht; zum Anderen die Optik, da beim Garen der Sesam nur unwesentlich bräunt und so die Sesamkörner deutlich sichtbar bleiben. Ein Klassiker der Küche…

Blended breadcrumbs with sesam seed


The blended breadcrumbs BRATA MP 2401, consisting of medium coarse, red crunchy breadcrumbs and sesame seed, is a double experience by your ingredients. On the one hand the slightly nutty taste of the baked sesame gives a great aroma to the end product; on the other hand the optics, because during cooking the sesame becomes brown only slightly and thus the sesame seeds remain clearly visible.


Auf den Tisch – Indisch


Ein neutraler Fisch wie zum Beispiel Pangasius bekommt mit der Mischung “India” nicht nur eine knusprige Umhüllung, sondern auch noch den typischen Geschmack ausgesuchter Kräuter und Gewürze. Anzuwenden im 2-Stufen-System mit Nasspanade und Mischpanade. Ein Geschmacks-Erlebnis aus dem Hause BRATA!!

On the table – India


With the “India” mixture, a neutral-tasting fish such as pangasius is provided not only with a crispy coating, but also the typical flavour of selected herbs and spices. For use in the two-stage system with batter mix and blended breadcrumbs. A culinary experience from BRATA!!

American Style – “Virginia”

BRATA NP 5909 und MP 5910

Dieses attraktive System vereint Optik und Geschmack. Das Panadensystem besteht aus einer Kombination einer Panade mit einer Bemehlung. Zusätzlich sind verschiedene Gewürze und für Optik und Geschmack grober schwarzer Pfeffer verarbeitet. Die spezielle Nasspanade NP 5909 ist harmonisch auf die knusperleichte Trockenpanade abgestimmt. Im 2-Stufen-System mit Nasspanade und Mischpanade entsteht so ein modernes und innovatives Produkt.

American Style – “Virginia”

BRATA NP 5909 and MP 5910

This combination not only looks attractive, but tastes wonderful. It consists of a combination of breadcrumb coating and flour dusting. Various spices and coarse black pepper have been added to improve taste and appearance. The special batter mix NP 5909 is harmonised with the light, crispy breading. In the two-stage system with batter mix and blended breadcrumbs the result is a modern and innovative product.

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