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„cooperation with company Plunges Duona“

The demand for gluten-free breadcrumbs is rising steadily. In order to meet the requests, we have expanded our extensive range by this product category.

In cooperation with company Plunges Duona, we will offer gluten-free breadcrumbs in the future.

If you are interested in gluten-free breadcrumbs in addition to our breadcrumbs, blends and batter mixes, please contact us.

Gluten-free breadcrumbs – now available !!!


Crispy Cornflakes

MP 6647 – with new cornflakes especially crispy…

The blended breadcrumbs MP 6647 consists of crispy roasted cornflakes and coarse, light yellow breadcrumbs. The new form of cornflakes guarantees a special crispness on your product.

The fish fillet, chicken nugget or schnitzel become with the neutral batter mix NP 4540 to a “special crispy taste”.

Whether pan or fryer, oven or convection oven – The blended breadcrumbs MP 6647 are suitable for every type of preparation.

MP 6635 – “Hot & Spicy”

MP 6635 – “With chili for appearance and taste”

The blended breadcrumbs MP 6635 consists of coarse, very crunchy breadcrumbs, paired with the necessary spiciness for your product. By using with a neutral batter mix, the end product becomes piquant with a slight spiciness.
Used as a system with the batter mix NP 6412, the fish fillet or chicken nugget become a “hot & spicy” product with a clear long lasting spiciness.

Whether uncooked or cooked; frozen or used as MAP-product – the system is recommended for poultry, fish or meat.

The blended breadcrumb MP 6635 “Hot & Spicy”

Modern and trendy – sweet potato – blend

The combination of sweet potatoes and crispy breadcrumbs was combined in the new blended breadcrumbs MP 6569.

The optic of the potato pieces is clearly recognizable in the finished product and convinced with meat, fish, poultry and vegetables.

Combined with the battermix NP 6412, which gives the product a rounded taste and a light spicy flavor, the ideal addition for your product.

Sweet potato, popular and delicious!

“KFC-Style – All in One”

BRATA MP 6533 – A product for a complete coating

The system  “KFC – All in One” consists of only one component, which is used in every step of the breading process.
In the 3-steps-system as predust, mixed as a batter mix and on the outside as a breader or in a classic 2-step-system with batter mix and breader.
With the product BRATA MP 6533 you always get the look of a “home-style” product.
The rounded, typically spicy taste convinces  – as well as its golden look and the light crispiness –  in the final product.

For the industrial processing of “KFC-Style – All in One” we recommend the use of a drum breader. This ensures in addition to optimal processing the typical appearance of the product.

“potato chips – system”

“Innovation 2016” – system ‘potato chips’

Battermix NP 6301 and blended breadcrumbs MP 6302

With this innovation BRATA is setting a trend again. Crispy light potato chips, processed in a breading.
Orange-golden breadcrumbs, delicious potato chips, and this supported with the appropriate blend of spices in the battermix; so your chicken, fish or cutlets will be presented in a completely new optical and flavorful system.

You should necessarily try it…

“The Pan Schnitzel”

NA 2-083 – natural – delicious 

With the system for the “pan Schnitzel” succeds the perfect Schnitzel. 

The traditional breadcrumbs with the special taste of fresh bread and the perfectly adjusted crustal part in combination with our battermix NP 5781 for schnitzel . 

It develops its especially at the preparation in the frying pan full flavor and golden brown appearance of a perfect schnitzel.

Pepper – Cornflakes – Mix

MP 6257 – rustic – traditional – delicious

The new blended breadcrumbs with special optical and taste characteristics .
The combination of crispy cornflakes, aromatical coloured pepper with various other spices gives a unique flavor and a crispy culinary experience .

Whether preparing in pan, fryer or as a pre-cooked and frozen product in the oven; the artical BRATA MP 6257 creates an entively new product.

BRATA MP 6257 is also ideal as a MAP-product!

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