Competence, trust and safety

… characterise the company philosophy of BRATA. Since the foundation of the company in 1953, we have continuously built up an excellent brand name over decades. Our customers in Germany, Europe and many parts of the world appreciate the high quality of our breadcrumbs and food coatings. The dialogue with our customers from the food industry helps us to constantly develop new breading solutions. Innovation and creativity thus make BRATA a valued partner. We find practice-oriented answers to your ideas and solutions to your challenges.


Crispy freshness – controlled quality

… are a matter of course for us. They are lived and implemented in practice. Only quality raw materials are processed every day in our ultra-modern factories. Our plants refine the freshly baked bread into crispy breadcrumbs. Full automation in our production, innovative manufacturing technologies and the care and experience familiar from a family business steeped in tradition guarantee top quality. Strict controls at all levels of the value chain play a major role in ensuring that the BRATA quality promise is kept.


Grain size, colour, crispness and taste

… are the variables for appetising variety. Whether fish, chicken, turkey or pork, whether cheese or vegan products – at BRATA you will always find the right coating system. White, yellow, red or mixed with various cereals, herbs or spices – from dusty fine to coarse, from traditional to fluffy light breadcrumbs – with the selection of our breadcrumbs and mixed breadcrumbs you are well provided for.


Proven recipes for secure binding and adhesion

… are a matter of course for us, because not all breading material is the same. The surface texture of the products to be breaded can affect the desired adhesion. BRATA has developed special batter mixes for frozen and fresh products that meet the high demands of our customers. Our batter mixes ensure a perfect bond between the breaded product and the breadcrumbs.


Quality assurance – constant testing for your product

… is the sum of all measures that ensure our product quality. In our process control and validation, we use modern instruments, methods and procedures to detect defects in good time, to rectify them and to avoid them in the future. Our trained employees are committed to maintaining this level. Permanent quality controls of the raw materials used as well as of the finished products guarantee consistent and high quality at BRATA. Our products are subject to independent controls by accredited laboratories in addition to operational analyses. Our quality policy permeates all departments without restriction. Every single employee contributes to the quality of our products. Our certification according to the IFS Food standard is proof of this top level.


Practical test in the technical centre

… is an exclusive service for our customers. In our in-house technical centre, both new recipes and proven products are tested under industrial conditions. Customers from near and far appreciate the offer of being able to test their products and ideas on the spot in a remarkable machine park until they are ready for the market. With our technologists, we can demonstrate the working methods of the food industry and convenience food producers from the preparation of raw materials to the packaged finished product.


Deliver readines, flexibility and reliability

… are the cornerstones of our success in an increasingly competitive international market. The continuous development of international markets requires clarity and determination. BRATA’s product policy, sales and logistics are all geared to customer needs and the requirements of a globalised market. Securing the supply chain from raw and packaging materials to sufficient production capacities and storage facilities to worldwide transport logistics is more important today than ever before.


Energy management and sustainability

… require comprehensive and responsible action. Through our energy policy, we not only measure our energy-related performance, but also continuously improve it. BRATA defines measures to increase energy efficiency and reduce specific energy consumption. We have clearly formulated our high standards and targets and integrated our employees in the execution. To meet this standard, we maintain an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001.