Tempura batters

Finger food with an appetite guarantee: chicken nuggets have become an indispensable snack. With BRATA tempura batters, the globally popular poultry snack becomes a classic: golden, bite-sized and crispy.

Tender-crispy fish enjoyment for young and old: BRATA coatings, the golden sticks become an all-round delight. Fish ‘n’ chips are on everyone’s lips and have become a hit as convenience food worldwide.

Deep-fried calamari rings coated in tempura batter are an internationally popular snack. The calamari are mild in flavour and bring a fresh sea breeze to the plate. With the rings, fried in oil, a slice of lemon and a glass of white wine – more enjoyment is hard to find.

Apple rings in tempura batter are popular from traditional cuisine. Bakers with a love of detail pre-treat the product with a fine BRATA breadcrumb and then pull it through the tempura batter. Deep-fried briefly – and the treat is ready. A round thing!

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